Why I Admire Casey Neistat

Maybe a blog post every other day makes more sense than daily blogging…

Anyway, as I give some thought towards getting back into my personal blog, I’ve made a short list of themes I could write about, hoping the added structure will help keep me going.

Here are the themes:

  1. How I work – entrepreneurship and work
  2. Ideology & philosophy – what rules I live by and what I (don’t) believe in
  3. Health – mental and physical
  4. People I admire and why

So let’s begin with Casey Neistat in the theme of people I admire and why.

Casey Neistat…

I kept hearing his weird name from my sisters and nephew who are obsessed with him. One of said sisters is 40 years old and is one of Casey’s biggest fans along with thousands of teenagers. But now that I’m totally into him too – I’m currently in the process of watching all 500-ish of his daily vlogs – I can safely say that he is amazing and worth watching no matter your age.

So, Casey is the first person I’m going to talk about for one very good reason: He is the person inspiring me to get back into my personal writing. Here are the main reasons I love his videos and respect him very much:

He’s principled

He has his principles and seems to stick to them. Here are a few I’ve noticed:

No matter all the opportunities he gets and the challenges of being recognized all over NYC (and often beyond as well), he (almost) never puts people down. He has talked about “bullying” a few times and strongly opposes it. He did one video where he spoke up against the people who bully him in the comments of his videos but I can’t seem to find it right now.

Second, he seems to know what he’s comfortable sharing and he never shares more than that. Namely, he doesn’t get too personal. For example, although his family is in his vlog, I feel like I know almost nothing about their relationships.

He works hard. In a way this isn’t a principle because it seems to be in his blood but it still is inspiring to see someone consistently work so hard. For example, it took him anywhere between 2-7 hours to edit each daily vlog. That’s insane.

He’s amazing at what he does

He is an unbelievable videographer and editor and he is extremely eloquent and well-thought out. It’s actually daunting how talented he is but no one should compare themselves to Casey Neistat because he’s sort of a machine reincarnated as a human (watch him live his life for a bit and I think you might agree). Anyway, he’s unbelievably talented at what he does.

He is inspiring

I have a lot of emotional ups and downs. When I’m down I could feel fearful, sad, tired, hopeless, etc. And I often find that watching a few of Casey’s videos improves my mood. I don’t know why exactly… I think it has something to do with him being very upbeat and creative. But whatever the reason, I find his videos to be helpful to me on an emotional level and I appreciate that so much.

Here is one of Casey’s videos. See what you think:

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