Daily blog? Hmmm

If I actually end up daily blogging, this will be Blog #1.

It isn’t so sudden and it definitely isn’t out of nowhere, but it sure is extreme for me to even consider daily blogging when I am in the midst of juggling so many other things.

And of course it’s over Shabbat (Saturday) that I think of these insane new projects, let alone take them seriously. It’s the one day of the week that I don’t work. With all my daily responsibilities fallen to the wayside, my creative juices are rejuvinated and, at the time, these great ideas to take over the world (in ways other than those I’m already implementing) seem like good uses of said juices.

It makes sense I’m drawn to this idea because I miss my personal writing, something that gets little attention since my writing career took off. That’s the irony. I always wrote, about whatever was going on in my life – I wrote about nutrition when I was a dietitian, about Judaism when I was struggling with my place in the religious world and about dating when I returned to Jerusalem and hoped to revolutionize the dating system (hint: I failed).

But since I began writing – read: website content management, editing, proofreading, translating, event calendar management, etc. – for a living, I find that I do almost no personal writing.

This is because all my writing energy goes to my work. This is something I didn’t expect when I worked towards a writing career, but I try not to feel down about it because writing for a living was my dream!

(P.S. Dreams are never the same in reality as they are in our minds.)

Anyway, the other issue I have with my personal writing is that almost every topic I decide to write about turns out to be too personal once I get into it – either for me or someone else – and then it gets really complicated and then I give up. It is such a huge challenge to write from a personal place without writing in a way that’s too personal.

This makes me think of two people.

First, is a woman. A poet. She came to read her poetry to a group of elderly people in the day center where I worked while I lived in Vancouver. She got up in front of the clients and shocked us all (well, those of us who could hear well enough) with a a piece about passively lying on her back, staring up at the ceiling… While her husband had sex with her.

In retrospect, who cares that it was in front of elderly people – I’m sure they had plenty of sex in their lives. But Lord, wasn’t that a little more exposure than she wanted? Apparently not.

The other person I think of is Casey Neistat, the super famous YouTuber who daily vlogged for around 500 days (almost completely) straight. His daily vlogging warrants its own blog post because he is so incredibly inspiring and talented and inspiring (yes, repeatedly purposely) but my point here is that he made a video about his life and thoughts for around 500 days straight and never put anything in that was more personal than he felt comfortable with (I didn’t ask him but I can just tell). His wife and two kids are in there but I’ve never seen him and his wife hug or kiss. I know almost nothing about their relationship. He stopped putting his baby’s face in the vlogs after a certain point. And no personal conversations made it into the videos.

On the one hand I felt the lacking and yearned to see or hear something more personal. But on the other hand, I would think that it was because he was so strict with his own guidelines that he was able to keep it up. There was no question – those personal things weren’t going in. And so he worked around that in an extremely artistic and still interesting manner.

Anyway, I know I have a lot I’d like to share and I’m going to try getting back into that. At the very least I’m going to try to blog a little more. And at the very most I hope to get into blogging daily. Let’s see who will win – less or more. :) Stay tuned.

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